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I've Successfully Taught The 17th Edition Wiring Regulations to Hundreds of
People Over The Last Seven Years...

Electrical Tutor at the-Regs...and I'm here to help you to pass your 17th Edition exam. Please feel free to ring me on 07771 ****** during your course. You can also email or text me anytime you wish.

Together we'll go through the book from cover to cover and prepare you to pass the 17th Edition City & Guild 2382-15 exam, and with a 99.7% pass rate I'm pretty certain you can pass.

My name is Paul Moseley, a going grey and some may say 'getting cranky' fully qualified professional electrician and tutor with over thirty years of combined industry experience.

I started way back in 1982 as an apprentice and since then I have been a 'normal' sparky on-tools, a site foreman, manager, an NICEIC Qualifying Supervisor and a general manager. And I've also had my own electrical contracting business.

This has given me a wide range of experience to help you with, covering all areas in commercial, domestic and industrial electrical installations including Inspection & Testing and certification.

I pretty much know the 17th Edition of BS7671 and the C&G 2382-15 course like the back of my hand...

For the last nine years I've enjoyed being an electrical trainer, teaching to City & Guilds level the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations, Inspection & Testing (Initial Verification C&G 2394 and Periodic G&G 2395), Part P, Building Regulations C&G 2392 and even a bit of PAT testing C&G 2377.

All of this has led to me becoming a qualified electrical installation tutor and assessor.

So, as you can see you are going to be taught by a professional in both the training and the electrical industry with plenty of knowledge, experience and qualifications who has already helped 100's to pass their 17th Edition City & Guilds exam and now I'm here to help you to pass your 2382-15 exam.

...and here's how

I know the book and I know the course and I know from years of experience what the best way is for you to pass the exam and how to approach the book and course...

The best way is to jump in crack the spine turn the pages and go through the 17th Edition from cover to cover and that's what we'll be doing - together.

With my full support and assistance we'll be concentrating on the important parts of the book and although you'll know where everything is we'll be staying clear of the faff and filler that never really applies in the real world and never comes up in the exam.

From Part 1 to Part 7 and through the Appendices I know where to focus and I'll show you the key points, the most relevant areas and the regular exam 'favourites' and walk you through the 3 most common formula - math's questions.

Coupling this with my specially created online course Workbook assessments that I personally mark myself and several online 'mock' 17th Edition C&G exams means I can get you ready to pass your City & Guilds 2382-15 exam even if you've never read the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations before.

Study at home and be fully prepared - with no hassle

You see, what I've done is to take my classroom City & Guilds 17th Edition Wiring Regulations course that I've been successfully teaching for several years and still do regularly and adapt it to suit the internet.

Plus, without the time constraints of a classroom course I've been able to add more content and make the course better. It's now a more thorough, more convenient and less expensive way to study the 17th Edition.

Finally, a home based online course that provides 17th Edition training and the same support as in a classroom. Plus, comes complete with online multiple choice practice 'mock' exams and Workbooks. This means you can take your exam when you are 100% confident and ready to pass.

It's like me bringing the classroom to you anytime you want.

* Remember: My Full Support means - "I'll give you the rest of my own personal phone number 07771 ****** when you enrol. Feel free to ring me 7 days per week. You can also email or text me anytime you wish and you can start today in less than 4 minutes from now!"

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Paul Moseley
Professional Tutor / Electrician

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