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17th Edition, City & Guilds 2382-15: 100% Pass Rate in 2017 !

"Study at home and pass with our proven online training course that guarantees your 17th Edition exam success."

To Pass the 17th Edition Exam

"You'll need to successfully demonstrate your ability to use and reference BS7671 'Yellow Book'

Key to Exam Success...
  • Parts 4 and 5 are worth 48%
  • Half the book has only five questions
  • Focus Your Studies

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Pass With a Score To Be Proud Of

"I like to think that our students pass with a higher score and a greater understanding of the book than they would get anywhere else."

To achieve this I have specially designed a complete 17th Edition online course "with a 100% 2017 pass rate" that guides you cover to cover through the current edition of 'BS7671'. It's based on years of my electrical installation and City & Guilds teaching experience. I know the trade and I know the book and I know how to help you to pass the exam.

You'll get a tutor led cover to cover review of Parts 1 to 7 and the Appendices including my extra sessions you won't find anywhere else. With our own unique Workbook exercises personally reviewed by me to reinforce your learning. It's as close to one and one tuition as you will ever get. Plus seven City & Guilds realistic 'mock' exams that are just like the real thing to get you ready for your exam and if you need any assistance feel free to ring me during your course.

Then when you are ready you can take your City & Guilds 2382-15 17th Edition exam at any one of our thirty plus UK exam partners. With venues covering England, Scotland and Wales we're never too far away from you and always at a date and time to suite you best...

... and if you don't pass we'll give you your money back.

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All good 96.6%! Really pleased with myself about the result. It was harder than expected and at one point I thought I might run out of time, but had 3 mins to spare in the end. The course has been excellent and prepared me well for the exam. Much better than going to a training centre and spending 3 days in a classroom.

Russ M
Electrician - London

Study Anytime You Want

I'll guide you in a cover to cover review of the latest version of the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations (Yellow Book including Amendment 3: 2015). We'll go though all of the key points, important regulations and the regular exam favourites within...

  • PART 1: Scope, object and fundamental principles
  • PART 2: Definitions
  • PART 3: Assessment of general characteristics
  • PART 4: Protection for safety
  • PART 5: Selection and erection of equipment
  • PART 6: Inspection and testing
  • PART 7: Special installations and locations - 1 to 19
  • Appendices: 1 to 16

  • PLUS: More Content - Extra Lessons Not Available Elsewhere
  • PLUS: Workbook Exercises - Tutor Reviewed with Assistance if Needed
  • PLUS: Mock Exams - C&G Realistic 'Timed, Multiple Choice' Format

City & Guilds 2382-15 17th Edition exam at a local venue to suite you. * Study Plus options only.

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With My Full Support And Assistance

I've got decades of experience and knowledge at your disposal. Thirty four years in the electrical installation industry 'I still have my tools and a JIB card' and nine years as an electrical trainer successfully teaching City & Guilds courses, including eight years successfully teaching the current 17th Edition to hundreds of students like you.

So, if you get stuck during your course, give me a call 07771 ****** , I don't mind. I'll give you the rest of my mobile phone number and feel free to ring 7 days per week. You can also email me or send me a text message anytime you wish and I'll always get back to you. Giving you the same level of support 'if not better' than you would get in any classroom and it's always available seven days a week.

All the support you need to pass. Anytime you want...

Our Students Say

Course Summary...

Your course contains all of the lessons, special workbook exercises and very realistic C&G mock exams you need to pass the City & Guilds 2382-15 17th Edition exam. Feel free to go as fast as you like or to take all the time you need, it's totally up to you.  With 24 hour access 7 days a week it's up to you when you complete your training. So, if you don't have time tonight, that's fine or if you want to carry on into the 'small' hours that's okay too. It's up to you and no-one is stood over you with a stopwatch.

The majority of our 'Study Plus' students quite easily complete the course and pass the exam within two weeks to three months of enrolling. Alternatively, as a few have done recently you can 'tie yourself to a chair' and go through the course in just a few 'long' days. Like I said 'it's up to you'. You'll get longer to complete your course, but if you need more time that's not a problem, just ask.

After all passing the exam is what's important.

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More Students Say

  • I passed! It was part 4 that caused me the most trouble, unsurprisingly. I'm very impressed with your course and especially the mock exams, there were quite a few questions today that were in your mock exams.

    Paul R
    Electrician, Kent
  • Thanks Paul, 82% pass in 58 mins. Don't hesitate to use my name and address as a reference as I would recommend you 100%. It saves 3 full days in a classroom and £220 in cash. I learnt the course from start to finish part-time in 4 days what more can I say. Best regards Cliff "

    Cliff H
    Electrician - York
  • The exam went really well and I passed with 95%. A big thank you for all your help. Your 100% pass rate stands as a testimony to a well run course. Thanks again.

    Andy H
    Electrician, Edinburgh

Online Training - Your Course Options...

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18th Edition News...

  • Only comes into effect on the 1st January 2019
  • Online course start date, available from August 2018
  • Expected C&G exam availability from January or February 2019


The 17th Edition is still current and will be well after January 2019...

...as any electrical installation designed before 31st December 2018 will need to comply with the current 17th Edition.

"This means that many parts of the electrical industry will still be working to the 17th Edition well after January 2019."

Money Back Guarantee

It's my job to help you pass the exam - guaranteed.

As your tutor I have put over thirty plus years of knowledge and experience as an electrician plus nearly nine years knowledge and experience teaching the Wiring Regulations to City & Guilds standard into the content and presentation of my 17th Edition online course and I am so confident in it and in my ability to help you to pass the exam that if you don't...

...I will give you a full 100% refund of every single penny you paid for your online course or continue to support you and pay for you to resit your City & Guilds 2382-15 exam.

So, in the highly unlikely event that you complete your online course and fail to pass the City & Guilds 17th Edition exam there's no need to worry - you're covered."

* Charges for copies of BS7671 'if applicable' are excluded.

Paul Moseley
Professional Electrician and Tutor

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